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The daily self care reminder post of shit.

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Goodnight, /bant!/

Was your day good? Do anything interesting? I visited my aunt, Before you sleep...

>Take a shower
>Eat if you haven't, your nutrition is super important!
>Take your meds!
>Go to bed before 4am
>try to avoid Cancer sticks and alcohol
>Vent your feelings, if you need to talk i'm always here for you.
>Take a moment and think about the good things!
>Pick up the garbage around your bed
>Drink some water and stay hydrated
>Tell your loved ones you love them!
>Feed your pets
>Go to the mirror, and state three good things about yourself!
And just remember.
>It'll get better, stay positive and safe.

I love you all, You mean the world to me. Sweet dreams, Sweethearts!