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Happy day

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Sometimes it's bad luck, the other times might be just the weather - and even so rarely, it's as if something genuinely changed, like a new perspective. Stripping us out of delusional comfort that yesterday felt like life itself. As if all of our past deeds held no weight in what today brings in - no new paths, no building experience. Plain and stupid waste of time.

I mean, what even defines what's good and bad for one's existence? If it's not hurting anybody, if it does not harm yourself, if it brings you sense of living that you can steadily uphold - wouldn't that be just a matter of priorities? Priorities that wouldn't make you forget about everything outside of that precious thing.
Like family, like good diet, sleeping and overall care for own health as well as these few who think of yours.

Yeah, I think that would do.
Could be a solitary hobby, could be video games and friends.. maybe calling it as your main flavour in life~
As long as it does not close doors too many doors in the future and let's you not forget, that there's still more to the world than your point of obsession - maybe that's the way to go.

Neat videos
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Hey Anon - if you were a donut, what would be your filling?
What makes you different from the rest? What defines who you are~?
It's okay to feel empty at times but not gonna lie, having an instant answer to this question does sound like a nice way to live.