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Prove the existence of Albania

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1.Do you know any Albanian?
2.Do you know anyone who knows an Albanian?
3.Have you heard of an Albanian?
4. Do you know the title of any Albanian book?
5.Have you heard a word in Albanian?
6.Do you know Albanian currency?
7.Have you ever seen an Albanian license plate?
8.Have you seen any pictures from Albania?
9.Have you ever heard of Albanian cuisine?
10.What about Albanian music?
11.Do you know the Albanian area code?
12.Or maybe you know an Albanian company?
13.What about an Albanian movie?
14.Do you know about any historical event concerning Albania?
15.What is the name of the President of Albania?
16.Are you sure this is a republic?
17.If so, maybe you've heard about some elections in Albania?
18.Or is it a monarchy?
19.Do they even have a king?
20.Have you ever seen a label that says 'Made in Albania'?
21.Show me the Albanian character coding.
22.Try a trip to Albania from a travel agency.
23.Buy "Albanian phrasebook" somewhere.
24.Find an institute of Albanian philology at a university.
25.Or maybe they don't speak Albanian?
26.Ask anyone what they know about Albania.
27.Name at least one player on the Albanian football team.
28.Or maybe you know an Albanian football club (FK Kukësi doesn't count, you see these substituted Brazilians, don't you?)?
29.Any footballer from Albania at all? And no, the fact that they're in Fif doesn't count.
30.Do you know at least one Albanian band?
31.And any Albanian singer or singer?
32.Give me at least one Albanian composer.
33.Name three Albanian cities. And don't try to look in the atlas - everything is falsified there.
34.Okay, so at least two Albanian rivers.
35.Okay, let's do it - one Albanian monument.
36.And why was Kosovo created?

I think that speaks for itself.