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btfo appleniggers is based 4chan culture.
And in fact, sosach is imptrash/""OP"", cuz just look what do pwned neets from parashi-abu say

normalfags on dv*ch finally won. Abusha called people from all social networks for a long time and in the end, achieved his goal - Hikikomori, neets(etc), turned out to be superfluous even in /rf/

Successful bydlo(Successful normalfags) who did not receive anything but shit and sage on Dvach just a few years ago now feel like masters in all topics. They discuss their credit cars, their wives, b*bies, trips to Turkey, jokes from comedyclub(not funny shit).

Recently, they have become insolent to such an extent that they began to humiliate NEETs and mock them. And the majority of the mentally retarded regularly speak: JUST become a "normal"

The cattle normies that once drove us out of real life - now reached our comfy place on the Internet