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Happy day

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>"Fuck this gay earth" edition.
All day I feel sick or too weak to move, weather is destruction, there is no breeze that would feel closer to a humid wave and I accidentally scammed someone online and now I feel bad for it.
I really don't care how this will affect me or my image in the future, I just hope it didn't break this man's week.
Also my pizza turned out to be cursed and made me ill⋅
Neighboor's started driling for an hour right when I thought of taking a nap and I spent nearly four hours doing practically nothing of value to me and which could bring much more good for somebody else.
Fuck my life, world is wet and everybody walks a dinosaur, we are just missing an asteroid now.

Thank you for reading my blogpost, please comment and subscribe.
Also fuck dignity lacking cunts who abuse people the moment they smell opportunity.

An exceptional masterpiece
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