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Since I first started drinking at 14 all ive ever felt motivated to do was acquire more alcohol.
Along with anything else that can intoxicate me (though alcohol and weed have always been my go toos because I can get the most bang for my buck also other drugs are harder to come by)
That and sex, food, or simply anything to distract me and quiet my mind has been my sole occupation for 6 years and its fucking exhausting.
Normally I'm also extremely narcissistic and selfish aswell but I'm currently in the midst of a ~7 hour masturbation session powered by straight gin and ADHD meds. Which has caused me to feel strangely self aware and allowed me to look past my pride. (for now?)
I fully intend to go back to my hedonistic lifestyle until I inevitably die of massive organ failure once this epiphany is over though.
In the meanwhile I invite you jabbering degenerates to throw in your two cents about how much of an edgy destructive faggot I am because that sounds kinda fun.

Pic related because she's an accurate representation of my experiences and shortcomings only with a far more redeeming personality.