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This is it /bant/, think i'm just gonna end it here, I dont think I can take this shit anymore.
>The Archive has reverted back to the original state
>just lost 1.1k in stocks
>family wants to kill me
>keep hearing niggers and homos giggling 10 feet from my window every night
>get gang stalked every single day
>older brother has recently came out as a tranny and has admitted he has sexual feelings for me
>younger sister literally will not stop watching MLP
Since you guys have always been my favorite board, and kept me entertained. I'll return the favor. I'll be streaming my sewer slide in about 10 minutes. In the mean time, I shall answer any questions, suggestions, etc

>inb4 go out in a blaze of glory
Nope, not going to ruin other peoples lives.
>inb4 is there anything i can do to change your mind
Nope, its Happening.

stream URL and quick rundown:

See you on the other side, frens.