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I want to say something before I leave /bant/ once more, this board has became utter trash. The board was supposed to be apolitical, yet because of impfags coming and staying on our board, we have to deal with autistic political spews, forgetting that we hate /pol/. It also comes to my attention that ever since people such as Shitpost, Cockeye, PD, and myself, the board has started to fill with porn ads and bots that are meant for /b/, but do the jannied do anything to resolve this problem even though this is against the rules? No, they sit back in their gamer chairs that are on the brink of breaking underneath the 300 pound of lard that deletes decent threads and gets mad when he is called out. I can see in the future that the board will be nothing but a mix of both /b/, /trash/, and /pol/. Let me ask you this though: Is this the life you want for our once beautiful board? Where people will mistake us for something horrific? In my opinion my brothers and sisters of /bant/, this is no dream nor imagination if this continues, this will become a living nightmare. Make the right choice /bant/ and let us fight against our cancer that dwells in the very blood we built this board frim and destroy it,once and for all.