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I made my Uni friend familiar with my hometown

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It was a comfy day for me. I've played the guitar a lot and heard lots of stories both sad and nice drinking cheap beer in a small kitchen filled with cigarett's smoke. Later on this gloomy rainy evening I and a friend of mine met an old man who spent 2 hours on telling us his lifestory. It was unironically interesting for he used to be an officer. It wasn't a speech about heroism and other stuff, no, somehow it has turned into the talk about languages and geography. And after that we went back to my flat where we made some coffee. An hour later we were getting to the railways
The moon was shining white as I saw him off to the last train.

Why am I blogposting here about that? Have no Idea. I guess it's because for me it feels like you are my frens too. I wish you also were on the place of this friend of mine that was seen off to the last train a few minutes (or so) ago.
Have a nice day/night, fellow banters. And as for me, I'm going to sleep now.