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Serious and Important Request

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I hate doing the whole internet is a srs bsns thing, but there's a reason we're thankfully not (yet) a disgusting mix of /pol/ + /r9k/. So I was wondering as to why there are so many real shit threads (yes, even by r/banter's standards) in the catalogue as of recently, and I do see a lot of similarities between the real shit threads and the usual threads being shat out in /b/. Decided to go take a look.
Aside of the few people telling PinkyBong to go back, it seems they are slowly establishing the idea that /bant/ is a blue board version of /b/. Most of their complaints are something along the line of "anime infested board". Now, if you go back a few pages, you will notice it is only as of about three weeks ago /bant/ has gotten increasingly more talked about over there. 2 weeks ago, noticeable changes were already been seen, such as more people posting /r9k/-like misuse of the quote function texts. As of now, we're seeing a daily thread about people being hung, people posting themselves and asking to be rated, and YLYL threads as well. Thing is, if everybody is as apathetic as they are right now, we will keep getting flooded by /b/tards, and that is NOT something we want. For we already established our own culture, and have made clear we're our own thing. Not /int/, not /pol/, not /r9k/, not esfores and NOT /b/. We're r/banter. I ask of thee, daily user of this subreddit, no matter what you post, to tell OP to go back in any thread that might look like it belongs in /b/. I am no man to decide what should be posted, but I do think more of anything that could be mistaken for anime/plain old anime posting would do us good.