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Hello bant,
The goal of this game/quest series is to see how far the evolution of these critters go, and to make a thriving ecosystem of creatures and aberrations.

How to play:
• Open an image of a species in MS Paint, or your editor of choice
• Make one evolutionary change to that species
• Save as .PNG!
• Post your new species in the thread with a description of what evolution you've added and why.
• Details indicating what the generation of your species is important. Please indicate. (Base Organisms are Generation 0)
• Details regarding a creatures size or name aren't necessary, but are encouraged.
• Nothing too outlandish. Anything incredibly silly or outlandish will not be considered a canon species 95% of the time.

• Unless stated explicitly, no species ever goes extinct. Old species can still evolve, even if they're not on the latest "chain"
• Try to make your evolutions gradual and realistic in biological standards.
• Every 9-10 hours (probs longer) I'll add an update Phylogeny Chart to track changes. These take awhile, so please be patient.
• Have fun