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Just got off the boat from r/The_Donald, how d'ya do fellow patriots!

I love this site so far, very funny memes BTFOing libTARDS and such.

There's one problem I have noticed though, and that is the overabundance of anime subs here.

Now, don't get me wrong; I love a good, well made anime like JoJo, Eva, Lain, that promotes intellectual thought and philosophical discussion, and like Pop Team Epic, full of dank memes, but there is way too much weeaboo shit on 4Chan that scares away potential users from other sites (like me).

So I would suggest removing the anime subs, or condensing them into 1 to let more enlightened people come around here and hopefully remove some of the stigma surrounding this place.

Also, I think we need to modernise the site layout a little. User accounts need to be made more robust and persistent, so people can find the posting history of contributors and know if they're worth listening to or not. And we need a way to weed out low quality posting, an upvote/downvote system would be idea to promote serious, uninterrupted discussion, and tying these upvotes/downvotes to a users account will also help people identify trolls and bad posters.

I look forward to my time on 4Chan so far. Many more Dank Memes are to come!