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>But Anon, there's porn and tits posted everywhere on this site, even SFW boards. How can I prevent my coomer brain from being triggered by everything?
Change what you associate porn with. Distance yourself mentally by installing 4chan X and IMMEDIATELY shift-clicking (hiding) any degenerate threads you see in the catalog. Be proactive and don't give your dick time to react. Take control.

>Why would I want to give up porn?
Too sort out how you'll start feeling:
>3 days of no porn
You'll still want to coom but you'll notice small changes. You'll think more about your goals and what your priorities in the moment are. Wet dreams are a sign that you're not over porn and your brain is still in coomer mode. Maybe your dick took you to a lewd thread which you scrolled through but didn't fap to. Maybe you went to bed glancing at some Instagram thots. It means you're still not doing something right.

>1 week of no porn
Small changes in how you socialize will show up. You'll ease up on the autistic mumbling and be more willing to strike up conversation. Basic things like even walking will start to have a natural "flow" to them where movements feel less deliberate and more natural. These natural movements can be easily observable in becoming better at video games and things like that. As your priorities shift from "when will my next COOM be" to what do I need to be successful in the moment", you'll feel much more genuine in your actions.