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Arume Survival Epilogue- FINALE

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Tenshi No Bokura is suggested reading, if you have the time.
If you’re new to arume survival threads, please wait for tomorrow's thread where you can create a new character.

Whenever you make a decisive action, you roll with the last two digits of your post number, reversed. For example, if your post number is xxxx17, then your roll was actually 71. Rolling a 01 is a critical failure, and a 98 is a great success. Getting dubs of any kind (including 00) results in a critical success, and trips+ will be act as extremely lucky successes.
Any debates or arguments between anons will be settled between themselves or by voting.
You must pick a character name, and try to remember to include it in each post so that nobody gets confused.

Background: The Arume have invaded Earth, and have found great success in conquering humanity. Pockets of resistance remain scattered throughout the globe. The Arume are a highly advanced all-female race and will stop at nothing to defeat mankind. They are also lesbians.
It has been three months since humanity’s subjugation. Some human resistance forces established a base in the empty ruins of a small coastal city, but they were eventually discovered and defeated...