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Face it /bant/, you're the worst board on 4chan.

This board has no reason to exist. We have /b/ for random shit; we have /int/ for international shit. We don't need an International/Random board. It's stupid. It's pointless. It's a waste of a board. The fact of the matter is that the ONLY time I come to /bant/ is because some shitty mod on /pol/ moved a thread here. /bant/ is /pol/'s shitting ground. The closest thing to /bant/ is a fucking landfill.

All the boards, from /fit/ to /po/ have their own cultures, memes, and activities. /bant/ has nothing. It was supposed to be a place to shove all the random shit like risk threads and HWNDU from /pol/, but because /bant/ is such a small board all those thread die out on here. /bant/ has never produced any memes. It's slower than /lit/. It's not funny. I have never laughed when I was on /bant/. The closest thing to a culture that /bant/ ever had was Blepe, a worthless, shitty, stale-at-launch meme that was based entirely on ripping off Pepe. Nice work, guys. You really made a difference.

People like to say /bant/ is a "/pol/ board".... HAHAHA you fucking wish. You're /pol/'s shitter. Get the fuck off my website.