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Q here. I'm late I'm late to a very important date... Now 'm tardy to the punctual poster party. However ever shall I make amends for such unprofessional ends. The first section of the third part of "Little Miss Iron Body" I shall give to yee.

Here we go:

>(Begin, Kris walking home, after goodnight kiss, early winter, dusk)
>While Susie mulled over why Kris turned blue in the Dark World, Kris considered a question of his own. “What’s with Susie and hugs?” Kris wonders as he walks towards home. Kris thought back to the first time he hugged Susie. It was before they had started dating; in fact, they had only just begun hanging out.
>It all happened in Hometown High’s supply closet. The same closet that had once acted as a portal to the Dark World. For a week straight Kris and Susie had tried to get the closet portal to work, and for a week straight they met with nothing but abject failure.
>“Work damn it, work!” shouted Susie as she thrashed an empty filing cabinet into what looked like a good attempt at modern art. Kris was content to let her keep at it, he was feeling just as mad about the whole situation as his companion and just watching her violent release was cathartic to him.
>Kris was content to let Susie do her thing until the back of her hand began to trail a thin line of gray dust after her umpteenth blow against the now very crumpled filing cabinet. “Hey uh, Susie...” Kris stammered at the raging mass of mauve scales. No response other than another resounding bang of boot clad foot and curled fist meeting filing cabinet metal.
>“Susie.” Kris spoke up this time hoping to be heard over the din. Same result as before but this time the gray dust trailing off of Susie’s hand was as thick as the white ribbon he and Ralsei had been screwing around with in the Dark World. “Susie!” Kris shouted concern bolstering the strength of his voice. Still no dice, the dragon continued her assault unhindered by her growing wound.