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I just got a 15-year-old's number, and I'm 19 myself. I was working out at my apartment gym, which is something I rarely ever do, since I only go there when I am unable to go to my YMCA, which has a far better weight room. 2/3s of the time when I go to the apartment gym, it's empty and nobody's there, and I typically work out for an hour-and-a-half every time I go there, while other people tend to have low-intensity, expedient workouts that don't really do much when you know how training and conditioning work.

Anyway, this girl comes in, and she wants me to let her in. I let her in, which might have been a mistake, since you need an electronic key to get in to signify that you are an apartment member. I thought she was hot, so I just let her in. She told me that she forgot her electronic key at home. I don't yet know what her age is.

As I'm working out, I can't help but stare at her ass and legs. She's barely doing anything. Most of the time she spends is on her phone. She eventually decides to play some music from her phone, and do these weird one leg stands with a 40 pound dumbbell. She holds onto the dumbbell while bending over with one leg going straight behind her body. So, imagine someone laying down on a bed, but one of their legs is going through the bed to touch the floor. I get really turned on by this.

Around the end of my workout. I begin thinking about trying to get her phone number so that I could maybe tell her that I need a "foot model" for photographs, and then after I'd meet up with her and her feet were bare, I'd sniff them and ask her if I should kiss them and then later lick them about 45 minutes into the foot worship. I've done this before for a 20-year-old woman on Craigslist when I was seventeen, but the difference with the twenty-year-old is that I told her that she was going to be paid for allowing me to massage her feet.