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My life is absolute shit with no chances of improving.
My best friend growing up is now an a-list celebrity who won't speak to me
>my bad threates to skank me with screwdrivers or other sharp objects
>my dad puts his had on my thought
>my dad attacks me from behind while gloating "so this is how you fight? With the guy behind you?"

That's just last week. What really sets my life apart is my secrecy. My recently blabbed secrecy as I came to the realization that the secrets weren't that damning & no one believe me anyhow.

>be me
>using local lupublic library
>30 hour limit, but i fudge the numbers to get extra time
>Spend Bastille day 2002 speaking with girl online by the name of TaylorSwift13
>It's my favourite number, so I ask if it's a stage name
>it's not, it's just her vavourite number.
>It becomes more & more apparent to me that she is my soulmate.
>I dedicated signing in to the computer for the next 365 days.
>After we had celebrated any worldwide holiday we could find, I began writing music for her
>Taylor had told me that she played guitar, but I'd never heard her try
>I downloaded Adobe Audion & tried to complete

I released somewhat under 15 albums from Novermber 13, 2004 - April 1, 2005

I've attempted to seek slsk, but my pseudonyms have been adopted by others.
I don't know what to do.I tried killing myself last night.