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Do you see what is happening? We are in the Age of Aquarius and we are entering the 4th dimension.

>Elite's pedophilia tendencies exposed
>Pedowood/MSM loses hypnotic grip on society
>Federal reserve audit
>Vatican RICO
>Abandonment of fiat currency/Jewish banking
>Gold/Silver backed dollar + Dragon Family support
>Global debt forgiveness + reparations (see Vatican RICO)
>Tech disclosure (zero-point energy, harmonics, etc)
>History disclosure
>Faith restoration

We have chosen to incarnate in a flesh body during one of the most important times in the entire history of planet Earth. This constructed reality that has been put in front of us is falling apart at the seems. Goyim knowing is reaching pre-WWII levels. The systems that have been put in place to keep the illusion of our society running are being shut down. People are waking up at an alarming rate.

What exactly are we waking up to? We are waking up to the idea that we are more than our 3D flesh bodies. Actually, we are 5th dimensional and higher beings that are either trapped in a flesh body to grow or we chose to come here to help others "wake up". We are in an incarnation trap and entities feed on our low vibration energy (fear, anger, hatred, etc.).

Think of it like this: the satanic cabal rules this material world. They are the souls that incarnated in this earth to help the Archon entities that enslave us. The Archons created out flesh body and have limited the frequency ranges that we can perceive. We used to be able to access our third eye while in the flesh but it has been hidden from the majority of us.

Do you realize what you are? You are unbound, infinite consciousness. That doesn't mean you are "God". The Source created us and we are also a part of the Source, the part that helps the Source grow.