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before another redditfag which doesn't know what the phrase ">be me" means, I'm quoting myself

>be me
>be in a large discord server of some youtuber I watched a decade ago
>never really talk in it much, just stay there for no reason
>one day, I see people talking about a topic I'm really passionate about
>type out a long message about the topic and send it
>chat going up so fast it gets burried in 50 other messages in a blink of an eye
>think that there was some error and it didn't send the message
>type out the same message again
>because of its lenght and me sending it twice people think I'm spamming a copy-pasta
>get 20 pings telling me to stop
>a bot kicks me out of the server
>try to join in back again only to find out I have been muted in all channels
>leave once again

>TL;DR: I got kicked and muted on a large discord server for accidentaly sending a really long message about a topic I'm really passionate about twice

Why are large discord servers like this?