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Man gets 12 hour long erection after smoking cannabis!

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Otherwise healthy 32-year old male went to the doctor after having erection for 10 hours. When he got the doctor the erection was still going on and continued 2 more hours.

He said he had only smoked cannabis and he doesnt use erectile medications.

Normally literature of healthy erections dictates that if you have an erection for more than 60 minutes you should see the doctor. Definitely long before you let erection continue for 10 hours.

The man said the same happened when he was 16 and had smoked cannabis back then. He is not a regular cannabis user but for some reason tried it again at age of 32 and the erection issue happened again.

It became an interesting topic to the medical researchers since there has been not much of similar cases where merely cannabis causes prolonged erection. They still dont know what exactly happened.

Man is ok now and is likely staying away from cannabis.