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I paide a janny €200 for a KOT ID.
The kot ID was pretty nice too. It wasn't allcaps, but it was still a kot ID. The terms we both agreed on were I would get kot ID and he would get €200 at some point and make it allcaps. However when push came to shove he refused to give me allcaps and I had to pretty much beg for him to give me kot ID. He only gave it to me once and it seemed forced as hell.

The kot ID was amazing though once I got over the fact that it wasn't allcaps. I had to really use my imagination a lot but for the entire thread it felt amazing. I only got kot ID once but the (You)s were so ****ing nice. It was ****ing amazing. So much better than crying in my pillowe because the (You)s were so nice and I KNEW I was being validated on the internet for no reason at all. My mind was blown for a while.

At the end I tried to get kot ID again but he REALLY dodged the hell out of it. Like I went to try and pay him but he pushed me away and jerked his hotpockets back and had a disgusted look on his face. To be fair we never agreed on sharing hotpockets... We agreed there would be 'nothing culinary' but we never agreed on sharing a meal so that's kinda my fault. I kinda begged him for a little bit of his hotpocket but he declined. I guess there's a little janny in us all lol.

Overall while he did not hold his end of the bargain as far as allcaps goes... It was a pretty good experience and I REALLY want to do it again.

Does r/banter think I should use the same janny again or do you think I can find a janny who would be willing to actually share his hotpockets sometimes and maybe even make eye contact, all for the same price (€200 or less for an allcaps kot ID)... I fear I might get addicted to this.