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Chinese girls paying for a marriage visa

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So, I made a thread yesterday about a rather attractive 22 year old Chinese girl looking to pay someone 40k CASH up front for someone to marry her. Last night, we all ate at Scotch 80 Prime in the Palms and she paid for everyone. Shit as expensive as fuck.

Well, today, I have some new details. She's on a tourist visa and she wants to get married to an American citizen before her time runs out.

She does not want to go back to China. Her family is wealthy over there. This is in Las Vegas and she's staying in a suite at the Palms casino. I don't know the going rate, but it must be fucking expensive as fuck to stay in a suite at that place, even with today's low occupancy.

She's not just asking random people. It's all kind of hush hush. Asking people that she thinks she can trust not telling immigration.

I know pay for visa is kind of everywhere, but how is it in your area?