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Normies Gun Garage 4: CHINKen pox edition

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Welcome to Normies Gun Garage!
Thins sure are getting wild lately but regardless of how shitty the situation looks we'll always be here to provide you with personal flavors for either protecting your own or taking from someone else.
In light of current events I have once again opened our doors to outfit the masses for the upcoming dispute. Our expert gunsmiths have been given P100 respirators, nitrile gloves and are held at gunpoint to wash their hands when leaving their stations. In line with the CDC's recommendations we have limited our tour group sizes to 9 people and multiple sections of the compound have been opened up, sanitized and stocked to keep social distancing.
Rest assured when shopping at Normies Gun Garage you're in a sterile environment free to peruse our wares without the fear of being yeeted by COVID-chan.
For all of our new customers a notice.
We are a (you) based establishment and take no sides in the raider vs. survivors dispute so we WILL sell to both sides to turn a fat profit.
All sales are final and subject to ridicule if you're retarded.
We don't discriminate about your country nor do we require proof of tax stamps or run any form of background check.
Our specials today are Tuesday's specials with all AR-15's being half off and all M1911 style pistols are buy one get one.
Those with no fun knowledge will be requisitioned a weapon after posting in this thread after a brief interaction to distinguish taste.
All sales are FINAL and new stock may be days out so buy my larger weapons now before they're gone!
So tell me anon how can we help protect you and the things you love today?