Mami-san's Afternoon Tea Party #63

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Let's talk about how cute Tomoe Mami is.

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Kantai Collection / KanColle General:

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Abyssal Girls Thread (Kantai Collection/KanColle)

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Post your favorite abyssal girls in this thread. Also more new year celebrations because abyssals look super cute celebrating.
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Dump girls you'll never get to post anywhere else either because there isn't enough art of them or because they aren't popular enough for people to start a thread.
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Akari~n #84

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Many, many Akaris edition!

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!

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Nano Shinonome

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Robots are cute!
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Rosalina Thread

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A thread for our lovely mother of the cosmos.
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Urabe Mikoto thread

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I finished this anime a while back, and I really liked it, but I was sad to see that their isn't much content on Urabe.
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Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko thread #56

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Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko thread #56

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Tanya thread
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