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R. Dorothy Wayneright

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This is a thread dedicated to everyone's favorite sassy robo-doll maid, the lovely miss r. dorothy wayneright.

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This is the yearly Bikko thread.
I'm so fucking old.
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Rei Ayanami Thread #174

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"That time when Rei's color scheme actually made sense" edition

Pictures with multiple characters are fine here so long as Rei (Rei Q is not Rei) is in them. Feel free to request any image or theme!
Feel free to chat about Rei and all Rei-related things, from merchandise to your own personal musings about the character! Discussion is allowed and encouraged. Try to post an image of Rei others might like!

Read the pastebin for thread history and to find more Rei-related stuff:

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Kantai Collection / KanColle General

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Only for the best girls and Happy New Year.
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Hestia is Bestia #45

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Can't stop the Bestia Hestia!
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Kaname Madoka

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Miki Sayaka

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Reisen Udongein Inaba Thread #3

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Tomoe Mami Appreciation Club #88

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Makise Kurisu

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Kurisumasu is upon us!

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