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Fate Testarossa Thread #7

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Fucking idolshit spammer killed the last thread.
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Emi Ibarazaki Thread

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Let's have a thread for the cutest thing on no legs.
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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou and General Monster Girl thread #24

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Rest In Peace Suu edition

Last thread: >>2974558

OAD 2 subs out now
Season 2 still never.
Chapter 53 and 54 typeset and translated

September chapter out, translation someday

Dub out now, trailer:

Cast list:

Don't forget to participate in the eternal Monster Musume popularity-poll:
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Kiki delivery service thread

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Can we get a kiki thread going?
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Mami Tomoe V4.0

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Here Be Vocals v20

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Last Thread died 'cuz i wasn't paying attention edition
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Last Aqua thread 404'ed
Lets keep the cute posting of best godess going
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Akko Kagari Thread v3

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A believing heart is your magic, anons!
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Chiaki Nanami Thread

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Ozen is so cute

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