Strike Witches

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Autumn and its wonderful colors part deux.

Check up on for more witchy activities.
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Tainaka Ritsu (田井中・律) Thread #114

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-List of archived threads:

-Become a member of the secret Ritsu fan club:

-K-ON! Illustration archives, never before uploaded to the net:!wigyUKqB!JuPuWXGoCKLxp-7CV4g0bWmMup1CCZRNcRIYCVCC0fs

-Tainaka Ritsu image songs in FLAC:!WsBWhATa!pkf8TUBIsdChuh02DZ0_qA

-K-ON! Live Concerts, Let's Go and Come with Me! (with subtitles):!H4wmhArQ!Rv75X9cB7EUAFAITLP_wY0P-DA5jZkin2qDE5nHC9hI!WkwmGAbI!Cu3gvFTbWgUkgFaOT5BmrdaF4QhhsY7F69l37LuQPXA

-/c/ discord server of and for cute things:
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Waifu Thread #28

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Try to be civil edition
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Other Eva Cuties

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Been a while edition

This thread is to welcome all of the Eva ladies outside the main girls who almost always have dedicated threads (Asuka and Rei) so feel free to post any Eva girls here! A cute angel is fine, too.

Also ITT, soft pink! Or any work-safe shoujo ai between Eva cuties.
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Akari~n #82

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Now its sorta cold edition!

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!

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Kirino Thread 86

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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5toubun no Hanayome #8

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Quints are love. Previous >>3293554
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Makise Kurisu (牧瀬 紅莉栖)

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El. Psy. Kongroo.

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Monster girls

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I'll start off with a few
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