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girl that looks like anime character

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she will send you nudes ! her snapchat is princessdreya
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Read these: They are leaked IRC logs by someone who used to be a 4chan staff member.

This guy, Troid, does nothing to enforce the rules and abuses his mod status to do nothing other than try to make the site his own personal hug box. He will protect people who support CP and break almost every other single rule as long as they share his personal taste is yuri shipping cancer shit. He has been going this constantly for almost 2 years now since he became a mod and it is impossible to reason with this person. This image also shows examples of him protecting CP posts and other rule breakers.

Even right now, as it's almost Christmas, he's sitting around harassing people with his mod powers and protecting people who are attacking others.
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Desktop Thread for /c/

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Desktop Thread!
All /c/ posters are welcome to PLEASE join in and post your desktop, cute images and hang out : 3
Desktop Community Cute Image Thread
Desktop thread
1 (one) cute anime image for each desktop you post
you are more than welcome to post more if you desire, but you MUST post at least 1 (one)

(You)s are very precious resources, please don't waste them

>Windows guides (W7/8/10)
>Linux guide

5 cute rules:
- pretty much just post anime
- we are in charge
- please do not use hate speech in the desktop thread
- don't reply to her posts

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Nakano Azusa Thread #11

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Azunyan Thread: Do it for Her Edition

>Previous thread:
>Previouser threads:

>Useful links:
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Went throught all 15 pages, saw alot of clannad, but didnt see any of Kyou Fujibayashi
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Tohka Yatogami

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3 for Kurumi and none for Tohka chan? I must help correct this injustice.
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sora no woto anyone?

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Konata Izumi Thread

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Hey there! While I'm starting a Konata Izumi thread, I also did want to mention something /c/ related on the side: /v/ made a 4chan related Minecraft server called 4craft, and one of the factions is /c/. If you'd be interested in joining, click on the link below!

>steamcommunity dot com slash groups slash cute4craft

That aside, here's a Konata Izumi thread! She's so adorable~
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Hello /c/.
It's Friday today, which is as good a day as any to post this!

Rendezvous! is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan book.

DDL will be in the last post, hope you en-OI SOAP GET ON THE COMPUTER AND POST THOSE IMAGES
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