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Samus Aran thread
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I need cute anime girls in hoodies and I need them NOW!

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Good ones are hard to find and I need your help. :(
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Fat isuzu Emi

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cute isuzu emi !
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Kay Thread

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Today it's her birthday!
Say something nice to the beautiful American girl!
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Kumiko Oumae Thread #12

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黄前久美子 / Kumiko Oumae Thread #12

Summer is upon us! Let's have another thread for our fluffy-haired cutie. Other characters from Hibike! Euphonium are allowed, as long as Kumiko is also in the picture.

Previous thread: >>3666832
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Zero Two (Code:002), Hir02, Hime, Strelizia, etc. #36

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Previous >>3635427
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Depressed thread #2

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Post your depressed anime girls..Thanks so much for the last one, you guys are awesome.
Last thread >>3005875
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Akira Sunazuka

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Cute Idol Shark Edition!
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May we have a Dragon Ball couples thread? Or just any cute dbz at all? Pretty please
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