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Himouto! Umaru-chan thread

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This threado is sponsored by the Nug-Station! The geimu-machine all the nugs use for fun play times!
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Chris Yukine thread #3

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I love my wife Chris! Time for the thread dedicated to her!

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Sakura Matou Thread #26

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Spring Song confirmed for August 15th
Sakura clones also welcome.

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Samus Aran thread
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Suzumiya Haruhi thread #141

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Previous thread: >>3584860
Old threads:
Info-dump of the series:
Complete image archive until July:
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Fat isuzu Emi

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cute isuzu emi !
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I need cute anime girls in hoodies and I need them NOW!

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Good ones are hard to find and I need your help. :(
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Himiko Toga Thread

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May we have a Dragon Ball couples thread? Or just any cute dbz at all? Pretty please
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