Tainaka Ritsu (田井中・律) Thread #121

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K-On! Thread #51

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How much does /c/ like K-On?
>Sakuragaoka High School best!

>K-ON! Music History's Box (aka the whole 13 disc soundtrack) + Disc 14 (all Instrumentals) in one rar file.

>The K-On movie art archive was recently dumped online for the first time ever too
(Thanks to the anon!)

>Discord server

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touhou black and white thread

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Another Saber thread is due for her loyal Knights.

Other saberfaces have their own threads. Lets keep it to Alter and Vanilla Saber Arturia if that is okay. I guess her Lancer form is fine too

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Aya Shameimaru thread III

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Return of the Journalism
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I want to post Cirno because she is not only the strongest but the smartest, cutest, most adorable little ice fairy that anyone could ask for.

Ill post what I have but I do have a request for a certain Cirno image where Characters like Flandre, Sakuya, Reimu, are altered to either look like Cirno or Cirno is altered to look like them meaning the clothing is the same but in cirno's style/colors. It was all one image if I remember right but I just couldnt find it.

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Shiki Ichinose thread

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Let's appreciate my pheromone junkie wife!
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Waifu Thread #68

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Post waifus while you can
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Cute Mothers Thread

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Post /c/ute mothers for Mother's Day.
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Kanna V for victory!

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