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Mami Tomoe Thread LVI

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Medical Theme

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Post nurses/doctors/girls straddling giant syringes/etc.
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Burger Thread

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>ctrl f
>no burger thread
lets fix that
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Mei Hatsume Thread

... I did this wrong earlier my bad...
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Rolled up sleeves

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I have no idea why I like it so much. Kinda hard to find but whenever I run into it I'm reminded of how adorable it is. it's not even in an ero way at all, it's just so cute. Kinda tomboyish I guess? Hope someone here can empathise.
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Post cute girls with alcohol.
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Tears of joy
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Girls doing sports

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ITT: Girls with motorcycles, plz
(bicycles are cool too)

Also does anyone have this first image in a higher resolution or know the artist?
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Kaede Birthday Thread

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Happy Birthday Kaede!!
Post birthday pictures here to celebrate here!
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