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Kyoko Kirigiri thread

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the kyoko kirigiri thread
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Tamamo Thread

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Yui Hirasawa Thread CCX

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Yui thread 210 let's go!! Less than 100 days until Yui's birthday, so let's give her all the love she deserves in anticipation for it!!

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Can I have more pics of Konata?Thanks.
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Altair and Friends

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It's Altair's birthday. Celebrate by posting cute pics of our military uniformed princess.
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Tall and/or Athletic Girl Thread

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I'm appalled at how long it's been since we had a tall or athletic girl thread
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Girls Und Panzer General: #23
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mom thread

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Remilia Scarlet Thread

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I'm not the same anon that did the single image thread by the way, I'm just someone who really loves Remi~
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Post cute pictures of saber.
This thread is for Artoria Pendragon, or vanilla Saber. Please post other saber faces in their respective threads.
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