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Cute Anime Girl Gifs

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Post those cute anime girls moving around :3 bonus points for good Discord nitro pfp's
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We need a thread for all these cuties, so post some idols, especially less popular idols. All Idolmaster girls welcome.
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OS-tans and Website-tans.

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Post cute web girls.
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Nazi anime girls

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Post them! Other axis forces are welcome too.
Remember that political discussion belongs in /pol/; this thread is only for appreciation of aesthetics.
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Rikka takanashi

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Its about time we give this little chunibyo her own thread.
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Everybody loves Perrine.
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Rozen Maiden Thread

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Pink hair girls

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>Post your favorite cute, pink haired waifus
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So Ra No Wo To

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Post girls of the 1121st Platoon and others from the show!
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Hanako Ikezawa thread #34

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