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anyone here play Katawa Shoujo?

and why is Rin best girl?
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Heterochromia Thread

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Twintails Thread

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If you love twintails in your heart, anything is possible!
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Toshino Kyoko thread

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BEST GIRL thread, also could someone give Toshino a beard?
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Maid thread

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I seem to have become infatuated with maids lately, so I decided to post some, but I will need your help to find more of them to admire. Classic French maids, Wa maids and even waitresses in those stylish Meji- era outfits,
Cute meidos, household- and service staff of all kinds are appreciated in this thread.
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spring feels thread

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Anime girls with Dr. Pepper thread?
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Hime-Cut Thread

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Post your cute hime-cut girls
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Heart Hands

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Ribbed Sweaters

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Classic ones, no meme sweaters here.
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