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Hinamatsuri Thread

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I love this show. So much that I binged the manga (which is just as good). Don't think I've ever seen a thread here on /c/, though, which is a travesty, since all the girls are cute.

So let's use this thread to post pics of the Hinamatsuri girls. Hina, Anzu, Hitomi, even Mao, all are welcome!
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Nakano Azusa Thread #31

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Azunyan Thread: Summer Heat Edition

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Hana Midorikawa

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Not sure how many cute pics there are of her but I think she's adorable <3
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Pure and wholesome mothers

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Bonus points if she clearly adopted because a love that breaks the boundary of race and species is the purest
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jaded anime girls thread

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share your best
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Fate Testarossa Thread #9

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Thread number 9 for our beautiful Fate-chan.

Previous thread: >>3063617
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Maids Skateboarding Thead

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I need more of these
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Nanachi thread

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Can we get some high quality Nanachis up in here? I lost my folder and need to rebuild this cutie asap.
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