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Kugimiya Tsunlolis Thread

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ITT we post Shana, Taiga, Louise, Nagi, Aria, etc. or maybe even other tsunlolis that aren't voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
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μ's/Muse Love Live! Thread

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Post any cute pictures from any member of μ's.

School Uniform

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Anzu Mazaki / Tea Gardner

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Give me more of her!
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Post a girl from a foreign country (i.e. not Japan). Not limited to one girl per country, but lets see how many we can find!

I'll start with Finland.
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Bottled anime

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Anime girls in various glass contraptions, liquid included or not.
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Aerith Gainsborough Thread

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the cutest flower girl
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Ghibli girl / women

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Let's get this started again.
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Alcohol Thread

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'Ave a drink!
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