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Lucina Thread

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Post luci
Other people with luci is fine too.
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Esdeath best girl thread

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idk what's wrong with me, but I really care about Esdeath and absolutely don't care about anyone else in the anime. I do think she's the best girl and deserves to be loved...
Anyone else with the same thoughts?

p.s. first post on the site, wanna kill myself .-.


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girls from any and all video game series
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Ink and Metal Thread #V

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Another thread for the /c/uties with piercings and/or tattoos.

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Chinese Girls 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Because why not. Post cute girls who are either Chinese, or who just like to appreciate Chinese fashion.

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Ballet Thread

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It's been a while, why not have another one? Let's brighten up a dreary year with the beauty of dance!
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Fungal girls

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I really like girls with mushrooms growing on them. Girls among the fungi are cute too please guys i need more shrooms in my life
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Last thread hit image limit, yet our personal image limits for tomboys will never be met! Post ‘em.
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