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Here Be Vocals v20

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Last Thread died 'cuz i wasn't paying attention edition
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Megumin Thread #9

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Post ur cutest Megumin arts!
Last thread: >>2936856
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Makoto Niijima

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Let's celebrate the Queen!
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Robot ears thread

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Post robot ears.
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Yoko Littner thread

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I've never seen Yoko thread on /c/ soooo
You know what to do to fix that, lads
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Puyopuyo and Madou Monogatari

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Who puyo here?
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Prinz Eugen Thread

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The German Heavy Cruiser Chiyo Paras is back, baby.
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Crossover Thread

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Missed the boat on the last one, but that's okay!
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lucky star

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Let's get lucky star thread going
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