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Satsuki Thread

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We have Nonon and Ryuko moving through this board, but not our queen, Satsuki. Time to change that.
Show me what you got.
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Ruby Kurosawa

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She does her rubesty!
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Those are some big DxD's!

Post some fucking Rias!
[spoiler:lit]Akeno is fine too![/spoiler:lit]
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Catria Thread

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A friend started playing FE Heroes recently, and he likes Catria.

Give me your best Catrias please
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Eva cuties 14

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Eva cuties 14: post hiatus edition
Thread for all other Eva girls besides Asuka and Rei, which both have threads here.

Post cute and pink!

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Nekomiya Hinata

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cute/weird anime screenshots

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pls with name of the anime

Accel World
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Smoking Girls

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Been a while since Ive seen a smoking thread
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Nanoha Takamachi thread

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Befriending the world, one magical nuke at a time!
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Hi, guys anyone know who is she? if are part of an anime or videogame? anyone have the complete image?