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Megumin Thread #22

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If it'a got ears, it's good
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i like them
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Knight Thread

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Remember to lift regularly so you can be strong for your knightfu.
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Ichigo Mashimaro

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Does anyone know a good place to download manga chapters of this? I didn't even know it was on-going still, I left off at chapter 4, but I can't find any good place. Just one manga site with bad scans and resolution.
Also, Ichigo thread of course. I'll dump what I have.
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Liz to Aoi Tori

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Post Nozomi Kasaki, Mizore Yoroizuka, and all prominent characters in Liz and the Blue Bird.

Other art in the style of the film also welcome.
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Tamamo Thread

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Seras Victoria Thread

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Can we get a Seras Victoria thread?
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Ryza Thread II

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Previous thread: >>3462548
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