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Fire Sisters

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lets have a thread for best imoutos
araragi-kun not allowed
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Fate Testarossa Thread #7

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Previous thread:

Fucking idolshit spammer killed the last thread.
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Tezuka Rin

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Because we haven't had a thread dedicated to best katawa in a while, and because I love her
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Ranma thread u can post whom ever but girl ranma is perferd
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Komeiji Satori Thread

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She is nice and deserves to be loved.
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Sachiko Koshimizu

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What's this? No thread for the cutest idol and 4chan's new front page meme girl?
Let's fix that!
Sachiko thread. Post only the cutest Kongs.
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What is your ideal short haired girl?
>Boyish style?
>Shoulder length?
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