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Amelia Watson thread!

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I love cute art of straight couples more than anything. I have pretty basic taste in anime but go nuts. Which are your favorites?
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Bandannas and Headscarves

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Yu-Gi-Oh girls

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A2 Thread

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2B is great, but A2 is better
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Kisaragi Chihaya

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Pre-2000s Thread

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Inspired by a recent viewing of The Kabocha Wine (pic related). Post girls that originate from before 2000.
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Kurumi Tokisaki thread
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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

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Hello /c/, I doubt anyone remembers me from ages ago but it is I, NeuYako anon, back to dump cuteness upon you once more.

I've recently been rewatching the series and rereading the manga and have become inspired to share my folder of adorable Neuro x Yako content here again. Please feel free to contribute!
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