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Flandre Scarlet

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No Flan thread? Flan thread!
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Witches Thread

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Touhou thread

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2hu hijack lol
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Akari~n #71

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Happy edition!

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!

Old thread: >>2858254
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Head Pats

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Might I humbly request a headpatting thread?
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Special retiirement thread, Best Squid

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Ika announced her retirement last night on MangaHere. Her body of work, working off repairs to a hole she made, was outstanding... she introduced the world to Slice-of-Beach, as well as intro'd us to her well endowed scientist and cop buddies.
We will miss her terribly. as she leaves summer vacation and either heads for Oz or discovers the glorious winter amongst the non-terrified humans of Sugami Bay, let us celebrate her hawt bod and tantalizing tentacles
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The Thread Without a Topic

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