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Yuuki Thread!

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This is a thread dedicated to best girl, Yuuki.
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Post girls from the splatoon series
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Cute girls breathing

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Post cute girls breathing
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Sayaka Kanamori

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Best girl of Eizouken.
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This is miyu edelfelt she is cute and I really love her. I think shes a great character and would like more people to like her as well.
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Sailor Moon

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And any other girl from the series!
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Maki Nishikino thread

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Arcueid Brunestud

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It's Arc's birthday, Say something nice to her!
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Music and instruments

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Cute girls with musical instruments. Big warm celebratory musical energy is a plus. Strings, brass, pipes, keys, pedals, bridges, reeds, springs, chrome, valves, buttons, dials, frets, inlays, wood grain, etc. Bonus points for identifiable real-world instruments (e.g. this girl appears to be playing a Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster in tobacco sunburst). K-ons are welcome but remember that they also have their own threads.
Help me celebrate the power of music!
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