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Dia Kurosawa thread

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Let's have a thread for our favorite buu buu (desu wa).
Post images of our wonderful, cute and lovable Dia.
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New Hatsune Miku Thread

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Come help me celebrate my top Waifu
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Must protect loli. No, Chino is not waifu material.
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Ino Yamanaka

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Post pictures, gifs, screencaps of Ino - the most beautiful ninja in Naruto series
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Jougasaki Sisters Thread

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Our favorite gyaru idol sisters deserve their own thread! Posting pics of Mika/Rika alone is, of course, allowed.
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Arisu Tachibana

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No Arisu thread?
Let's fix it!
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Ougi Thread

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spooky ougi
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Girls with hats

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Heisei era tribute and nostalgia

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Today's the last day of the Heisei era, how about a nostalgia thread for early Heisei, especially the first year?

Heisei 1 (1989)
There were 3 Comikets that year, C35(Spring), C36(Summer), C37(Winter)
Manga debuts included Video Girl Ai, Berserk, Ghost In The Shell, Whisper Of The Heart, Hajime no Ippo
TV anime debuts included Ranma 1/2, Dragonball Z, Patlabor
Movie anime included Five Star Stories, Megazone 23III, Gunbuster, Project A-ko, Kiki's Delivery Service.
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