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Pleinair Thread: 第36

Previous thread:
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Shingeki no Kyojin girls

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A thread for all the girls from SnK, manga included
Hange too!
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Gasai Yuno

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You may not like Mirai Nikki, but you can't deny that Yuno is cute.

Yuno thread.
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Girls Eating

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I need pictures/gifs of girls eating, or just with food. It's for science.
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VA connections

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Characters dressed as or mimicking other characters that they share a VA with
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OL thread

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It is Friday. Let us show our love for office ladies
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A feast for the eyes
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Hi /c/ I'm not really a regular here but I recently started watching Urusei Yatsura and I really like Lum, can we have a thread about her? I only have a few images so far so your help will be very appreciated!
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Touhou Mouse Thread
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