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A2 Thread

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2B is great, but A2 is better
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Gabriel DropOut #8

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previous thread: >>3691802
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Kagari Atsuko Thread

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Esdeath best girl thread

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idk what's wrong with me, but I really care about Esdeath and absolutely don't care about anyone else in the anime. I do think she's the best girl and deserves to be loved...
Anyone else with the same thoughts?

p.s. first post on the site, wanna kill myself .-.


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food & cooking (and baking)
focusing more on the act of making the food, less on eating the food
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Realistic firearms in cartoons

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How many cartoons and animated tv series were made with realistic firearms? I can only remember Batman the animated series and maybe some DC animated films (mostly with Batman).

Usually they dont use realistic guns in kids shows, or even use some laser ray guns and other unrealistic shit. Right?

Hidamari Sketch thread

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It feels kind of lonely without a wide thread.
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Headpat rating

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Alright /c/ We shall rate girls who deserve a heatpat the most by using the Headpat metric. A girl who does not deserve a headpat is going to be a 0, a girl that somewhat deserves a headpat is going to be like a 5 right? A girl that IMMEDIATLY DESERVES A HEADPAT is going to be a 10.

Kotomi is around a 9.5 for example.
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