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Kasen Ibaraki

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We need a Kasen thread.
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Shouko Nishimiya Thread

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Sign something nice to her
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Karen Kujo thread

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Cmon boys give me some good content

Mako Mankanshoku

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the cutest dork desreves some love
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post cute coffin princess
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Dog girls

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My doggo died today. She was 13 years old, rottweiler. She had trouble breathing, could barely walk. Took her to the vet to put her to sleep today.
I rarely see dog girls in anime. So lets have a thread about the most faithful girls a man can ever dream to have.
Seeing how rare dog girls are, they don't have to be strictly "dog" girls. Meaning "wolf" ones like Momiji or kobolds are also allowed.
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Reaction thread

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like Line stickers n stuff
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Date A Live

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Post cute DAL's
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Anime girls in kimonos/traditional Japanese dress

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I've always liked seeing anime girls in kimonos, let's have a thread for it
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