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Heart Hands

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Ribbed Sweaters

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Classic ones, no meme sweaters here.
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anyone here play Katawa Shoujo?

and why is Rin best girl?
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Thread of cute anime pictures that warm up your cold, dead heart.
Think about the cutest pic you have got and write a short story why you like it so much.
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Help a guy nut.

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Does anyone know what anime this is from? I need this.
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Dark Skin/Tanned Pokegrills

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Title says it all.
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Satone from Chun2
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Tsuyu Asui

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Lets get the first one of these I've seen going.

I'll be dumping about 80 good pics of her here as well. So feel free to contribute /C/omrades.

Anything and everything Tsuyu Asui.

Best frog waifu.
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Rin Tohsaka thread

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