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Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell #3

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Welcome back.
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Rei Ayanami Thread #158

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Wedding edition.

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Rei Fan Discord:

Pictures with multiple characters are fine here so long as Rei (Rei Q is not Rei) is in them. Feel free to request any image or theme!
Feel free to chat about Rei and all Rei-related things, from merchandise to your own personal musings about the character!
Discussion is allowed and encouraged. Try to post an image of Rei others might like!
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Strike Witches

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Spring, and all the revealed dust thanks to sun.

Check up on for more witchy activities.
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Makoto Niijima #19

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The Phantom Thieves' Queen thread. #19

#18 >>3414402
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Sakura Matou Thread #17

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Sakura-clones also welcome
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Poofy Thread For Poofy Girls 2

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A thread for posting poofy girls!
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Scenic Thread

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I can't remember the last time I've seen one on /c/.
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Poofy Thread For Poofy Girls

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It's been a very long time since we had a comfy poof thread, so lets post the poofiest girls!
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Jeanne d'Arc Thread #3

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Luka Thread V2

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The last one did better than I thought it would, lets keep going~
(The last one 404'd, so see it here -