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Neptune thread

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Nepu nepu nepu nepu
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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread #30 - A New Decade Edition!

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General info:

Its a new decade! And hopefully, a new decade for more cute Cyclops potential!
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Kurisu Makise image thread.

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Kurisu is one of my favorite characters in anime, so can we get a thread going?
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Rin Tezuka Thread

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Post pictures of the best Katawa girl here.
Other Katawas are allowed but Rin should be the main focus
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Hanako Ikezawa Thread #40

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Kanna Kamui Thread

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Kaguya-sama Thread

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Post girls from Kaguya-sama Love is War
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Suzumiya Haruhi thread #145

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Old threads:
Info-dump of the series:
Complete image archive until July:
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Anne Takamaki Thread #81

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Nanachi Thread #31

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More bunny appreciation.
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