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Kanzaki Ranko #17

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Let not your dedication wane with just the previous successes. Come, let us celebrate more our fallen angel's graces!

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Sundress Girls Thread

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Summer is here!
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Phosphophyllite: the bestest gem

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Layer Thread Layer 82: How to Fold a Paper p-Lain

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Old Thread:

Any updates from papercraft anon?
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Kaname Madoka Thread

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Sakura Kyouko thread #46

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More cute fang
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Emilia Thread?

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Emilia doesn't get the love she deserves.
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Minase Iori thread #55

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Top Idol in all our hearts, now and forever.

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Holo/Spice and Wolf v28

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Virtual Edition

The VR anime has released! You can now finally give Holo (virtual) headpats.
Additionally, Wolf & Parchment has gotten a manga serialization.

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Hoshi Shouko (Syoko) + Individuals Thread #7.5

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Morikubo Nono, and Hayasaka Mirei, and (of course) Hoshi Syoko are welcomed here.

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