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R. Dorothy Wayneright

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This is a thread dedicated to everyone's favorite sassy robo-doll maid, the lovely miss r. dorothy wayneright.
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Mugi Thread CXIX

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and still enjoying the holiday season. As another year draws to a close, we start fresh with another Mugi thread where every cute and uplifting image of our favorite keyboardist is always appreciated. May everyone have a Happy New Year and may the Mugi threads continue going strong with everyone's wonderful contributions. Thank you for sharing your cute Mugi images here for all to enjoy!

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Naoto Shirogane Thread

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It's a crime for her to not have one.
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Riamu Yumemi

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'Today, I brought you Otakus your favorite thing-!'
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Kantai Collection / KanColle General

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Only for the best girls and Happy New Year.
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"Edgy" Cute

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Can I get an "edgy" cute thread? Trying something new.
Mostly menacing, "edgy" and crazy character art. Not necessarily creepy. Looking for a dangerous appearance.
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Ink and Metal Thread #VIII

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You know the drill, cute alternative girls with piercings and tattoos.

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Post cute dolls
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Makoto Niijima #37

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The Phantom Thieves' Queen thread. #37

#36 >>3798040
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Vampire thread

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girls with light amounts of blood!
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