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Splatoon Chaos vs Order

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A thread for art of the Final Splatfest, and the girls in it.
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Sukumizu Thread

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We could use some sukumizu this summer
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Any Kurumi fans?
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Waifu Thread #77

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Bouquets of flowers for her!
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Touhou thred #44

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You know the drill
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Makoto Niijima #21

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The Phantom Thieves' Queen thread. #21

#20 >>3458704
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Mugi Thread 107

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July is here and that means we get to celebrate Mugi's birthday!

Join the summer fun and share your cute Mugi images
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Anne Takamaki Thread #65

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Konata Izumi!

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Konata Izumi!
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Bikko Thread

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Images of the rarest waifu on Earth.

Last Thread: >>3434779 (Hit image cap)
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