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Anastasia Thread #25

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post celebration thread!
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I want to casually date Frenda while she lazes around my house and I feed her canned mackerel and curry. And I want to protect her sister in exchange for [spoiler:lit]headpats[/spoiler:lit].
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It's miku's birthday!! post some pics of her and Say happy birthday miku

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purple thread
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Don’t tell /pol

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Israel-chan thread, drop your shit boys
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Monika Thread!

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More Moni? More Moni!
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Uma musume

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Would you get inside this boat?
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Muscle girl thread #7

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What is best in life: Dominating your buff waifu, or being dominated by a buff waifu?
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Post animu girls doing drugs or just looking high as fuck.
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Maki Nishikino thread X+7

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