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momiji inubashiri

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Jeanne D'Arc Thread #9

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Uchiha Sarada

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Salad thread
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Kisaragi Chihaya

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Hibiki #6!

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there is never enough

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Megumin Thread #25

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/c/uteposts only
shitposting, arguments, and low quality posts belong on /a/. do your best for /c/
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Pokegirls #4

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Post cute poke girls!
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Saber Arturia Pendragon thread - Summer Edition

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Its time for the King of the Beach to once again reign supreme again, lads.

Previous thread:

(keep it to only Arturia/Artoria, make a seperate thread for other Sabers please. Alter and Lily is welcome)
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Kaguya Sama Thread #2

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Previous threads:

Now that s2 is over, how will you cope for the rest of the year? Also should I catch up with the manga or is it worth it to wait for s3?
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