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Hestia is Bestia #36

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Hesita is still bestia no matter what the anime season!

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Little Witch Academia Thread no. XVIII

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Samhain Festival Edition!
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Jeanne d'Arc Thread #5

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All Jeanne versions are gladly accepted.
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Miu Iruma Thread

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A birthday thread for this adorable inventor
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Muv Luv

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Dork edition.
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Aya Shameimaru thread VII

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The Birb Awakens
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Pleinair Thread: 第45
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Time for another thread for Saber
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Didn't see a Nichi thread.

Post your Yuukos, Mios, Nanos, Mais, Hakases, or any other Nichis.
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Cowboy Hats

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post cuties in all types of cowboy hats!
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