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every girl is best girl
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Strike Witches / Brave Witches

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Discuss witches and witch images here. Don't forget to check up on for more witch activities.

With the heat waves around lately, summer's arrived.

Previous witchy thread: >>2880802
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Desu-Chan thread

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we need a desu chan thread desu ka
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Kemono Friends

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We're all Friends here.
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Nico Yazawa

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Best raibu is best.
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Rinne Berlinetta

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Medea thread

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I noticed there wasn't a thread for the cutest and best fatefu

lets fix that
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Smokie thread!
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Nagato Yuki

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Prinz Eugen Thread #11

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Thread dedicated to the best dessert of KanColle, Pudding.

Who is Prinz Eugen?

How do I get her?
She is currently unavailable to get at the moment. Pray that the next event has her available as a drop.

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