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Little Witch Academia Thread no. XXII

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Cute moms

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I need pictures of moms.

Not necessarily artwork of characters who are canonically moms in whatever media they're from, but artwork of characters who make you think "Yea, that's probably a mom" when you look at it.
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Girls und Panzer General: #43
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Chainsaw Man Thread

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Any cutie from Chainsaw Man
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Mio Akiyama Fan Club #87

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This thread is dedicated to Mio Akiyama from the K-On! series.

Mio is the mature but scaredy-cat
bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

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Eruna thread
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Pleinair Thread: 第46
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Lights out. It's time for a Rumia thread!
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Anne Takamaki Thread #81

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Lickable tummies edition
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