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Kemono Friends #34

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Did you get any Kemono presents?
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Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari

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Post cute Puyo and Madou girls!

Who is your favorite Puyo?
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Araragi Karen thread

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Kanbaru thread

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Lain Thread Layer 73: If you want to avoid pain

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You should believe in Lain.

Old Thread:
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Asuka Thread 114

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Continuation of >>>/c/>>3344788

Go forth and post this fireball cutie
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Anchovy Thread

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Post DUCE!
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Little Witch Academia Thread no. 8: Again Edition

Previous thread: >>3344071
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Splatoon Thread

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Girls in Semi-Realistic setting?

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I really have no idea what to called these kind of art but i love the colors and lighting.
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