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Satania Thread #5

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Why is the future Queen of Hell so perfect?
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Kantai Collection / KanColle General

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Previous thread
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Nagi thread anyone?

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Little Witch Academia thread

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yay, remembered about the subject this time <.<
Last thread: >>3153284
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koume thread #40

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the big four O and i still got lots more
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Kumiko Oumae thread?
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Chitanda Eru

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Share pics this cute girl
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Nonon Thread XV

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i am terrible at watching image limits
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Yamagishi Fuuka Thread

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Homura Akemi Thread LXXXVIII

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Clean off your glasses and rub your eyes! A beautiful sight rises before you this June! Homura thread 88 has begun, and this thread shall be a wonderful one, because it marks the start of summer 2018!

Homura imagined summer as the truest sign of her success. For her to make it to summer, beyond May, was for her to make it past Walpurgis Night and the ensuing fallout. No repercussions of her theft of so much military weaponry by June meant to Homura that her goal was achieved and her future was secure. Summer as a season, hot and damp where I am, gets special treatment from me thanks to its importance to her.

Make sure you enjoy this summer to its fullest, anon, and be extra sure to participate in this thread, for Homura’s sake! Celebrate life and the successful endgame of Homura Akemi, the finest meguca to ever meduca.

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Previously, in Homura Thread 87
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