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Ayanami Rei Thread #129

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Doguin edition!

Previous thread: >>3014978
Thread history: https://pastebin.com/zJ4QESqQ

Pictures with multiple characters are fine here so long as Rei (Rei Q is not Rei) is in them. Feel free to request any image or theme!
Feel free to chat about Rei and all Rei-related things, from merchandise to your own personal musings about the character!
Discussion is allowed and encouraged. Try to post an image of Rei others might like!
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I like chino
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Yukari Akiyama bread

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old thread reached image limit
old thread: >>3001240
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Kirino Thread 80

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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Makoto Niijima

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The Phantom Thieves' Queen thread.
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Pleinair Thread: 第38

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Girls in Eternal Slumber/Funeral

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Girls in eternal slumber look so pure and innocent. It's like they've achieved a state of beauty and purity in death.
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Sakura Kyouko Thread #37

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25 Days until Christmas Edition
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Tifa thread
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