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Mugi Thread 113

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Spring is upon us and with the warmer weather we renew our hopes for a brighter future. Challenging times may be ahead but we can always count on Mugi to keep our spirits up. Stay safe and share your cute Mugi images!

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Classy girls

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Girls wearing elegant but not formal clothes, including but not limited to lolita fashion
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Nijiura Maids Thread

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Aqua thread

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Another thread for our beloved Goddess
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Comfy Violet thread

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she cute
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Himouto! Umaru-chan thread

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Remember to do your part to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Stay at home and relax!
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Sachiko Koshimizu

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Magipoka thread

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Post these cute freaks from the Netherworld
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Hidamari Sketch and other wide things thread

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