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Homura Akemi Thread XXIV

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Homura Akemi fans…

Today is the day a new age begins.

It is with great pride that I introduce our archive. The link described below will take you straight to folders containing 3474 Homura Akemi images, downloaded at the largest available size from all previous 22 Homura threads. This archive includes threads 1 through 22 at the moment (thread 23 will be added this evening once I have time to process it). The archive also includes a thread 0 (a prehistoric thread that was made before our naming began), as well as the consolidation of “rival” threads I could find in the archive, that did not gain enough traction to remain on /c/, or were deleted by mods.

Photos are named as X_HomuThread_Y, where X is the image number in the thread, and Y is the thread number. This naming conventions should make it easier to find files, as well as rename files at your leisure if you wish to do so.

Later versions of our archive will include a “Consolidated Homu Folder.” This folder will contain all non-duplicated content from across all threads, grouped by type. I have many plans for this archive, and will as time goes on add to what it can do.

This is the dawn of a new age of order in our corner of the Homuverse. This is a big leap forward in the direction of organizing Homura photos and content. This is thread 24. To all of you who have been patient-I appreciate it. To all of you who have contributed to all Homura threads up until now, and are sure to contribute in the future-thank you.

Who Homu here?

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