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Mugi Thread LXXXII - Revengeance

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Well, I'm sure you all have a few questions. As evidenced by the time of posting this thread, my schedule really only permits me to be awake at fairly unhealthy hours. The consequence of this sort of thing came to a head when I promised to create the next thread, and promptly fell asleep soon afterwards.

The following morning, the task had quickly become overshadowed by the daily turmoils of life and classes.

However, one valiant Anon chose to keep the dream alive, much as I did back in 2011. To them, I give a full round applause for not simply letting the threads slip into oblivion. Although, after checking the date of the new thread against the last post in the archive, I cannot tell if our streak was ever actually broken or not.

No matter! We've been at this long enough to know that our love for Mugi won't fizzle out so easily, and again I am reminded of the fantastic community that has kept us going these last five years.

To all who contributed, I have my thanks and respect - you truly did share the love.

Continued from: >>2835784

As this was created in my stead, but more or less followed my threadmaking protocols, I very much consider it to be the 81st thread - hence why this one is 82.

You did good, Anon.

P.S. >>2837769 I actually made that.