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Mugi Thread LXXXVI: The Return

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Why is Mugi crying?

Because B-AC has been quite irresponsible with their threads lately. Yes it's true, I've been away for awhile with everything from extra classes to work promotions, even the website I use to create the OP images is now charging for monthly memberships.

But the core of these threads have always been the users, and I must thank each and every one of you on both /c/ and the Discord for keeping things afloat in my absence.

In case you might have forgotten, October 16th will be the Mugi Thread's 6th anniversary. Oh yeah, we've been doing this nonstop since 2011 and I think everyone deserves a huge round of applause for that.

I know the threads can be drawn out from time to time, I know I can completely disappear without saying anything for a few weeks, and I know it sometimes feels like there's no point in continuing the threads.

Honestly, every time I come back and see a post here and there, I know it's absolutely worth it. Everyone who returns to these threads does so for the same reasons I used to - nostalgia, escape, or just the pure love for the best and cutest Keion.

So for that reason alone, I'll keep making threads, you'll keep posting, and we'll keep spreading the love for as long as we can.

Cheers, /c/omrades.

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