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Before I begin: I will not reveal my sources or identity. The information that I'm about to share would cost people their jobs if they were found out. Despite that risk, I have information on the remaining episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones and have decided to share it for the greatest reason of all: the lulz.
Episode 3:
> Grey Worm, Gendry, Jorah, Beric, Podrick, Varys, Theon, and Jaime die.
>Gendry is going to be stabbed by a weight, and will chase Arya through Winterfell.
>Jorah will die defending the crypts after a short conversation with Lyanna Mormont.
>Jaime is going to be one of the final deaths, while protecting Jon, and Jon will have to re-kill him.
>Tyrion is going to see Jon re-kill Jaime from a distance, but will not see Jaime being turned, and only see Jon kill his brother, planting the seeds of Tyrion’s doubt in Jon.
>A turned Hodor will lead a group of wights into the godswood after Bran, where Theon and his ironborn will die trying to hold them off.
>Before they can reach Bran, Bran will warg into zombie-Hodor and destroy the remaining wights.
>The final shot in Ep 3 is going to be the Nights King (who is absent from the battle of Winterfell) flying towards King’s Landing.