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Homura Akemi Thread XCV

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When Homura Akemi is a big a part of your life, it's easy to feel like you're on top of the world! Today, you have at least one more big reason to smile - Thread 95 is alive~!

If Rebellion's ending is to be believed, Homura felt conflicted at the way her wish was achieved. The joy of protecting Madoka clashed with the cost of losing the innocent, light dynamic of their friendship. It's rare to see anyone, not just fictional characters, appreciate what must be sacrificed to get something else. Homura understanding what has to be lost in order to gain something else is part of her brilliance.

Today, think carefully about what in life you sacrifice for something else. Time, energy, effort - these things aren't free, anon! There is one mountain, but many paths. Even choosing no path is a path. Every once in a while, Homura and I hope you look on your path, and remind yourself of why you chose it. If it's no longer the path for you, change it; you can rewrite your universe as long as your heart still beats.

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