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Homura Akemi Thread 106

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Time flows ever forward on our pale blue dot, and the seasons are about to change again.

Did you get a chance to see the comet NEOWISE this summer? When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate the heavens above?

Mitakihara is a bright, modern city, with skyscrapers so high you’d have to crane your neck to see their tops. Homura knew an unchanging Mitakihara well enough that she never needed to consult a map, yet she still took the time, when she could, to climb the tallest buildings to look out at the night sky.

I like to think that despite how busy she was and how much time she spent in labyrinths instead of under the stars, Homura was able to spot a few shooting stars during her loops. Perhaps, despite the light pollution and her schedule, Homura saw a some Lyrids or Eta Aquarid meteors. How would she handle that? Would she try to forget when and where she saw shooting stars, so she could be as near to surprised as possible during her next loop? Or would she memorize the azimuth and altitude, so she could make wishes every time, in the hopes that this time she saw them would be the last?

May you always keep wishing, always keep trying, and always keep looking up, anon. Welcome to thread 106.

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