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Boxers of briefs?
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Did anyone managed to take a picture of Gendo Ikari or Hououin Kyouma? For some reason I never see any pictures of myself anywhere ever and it's somewhat disappointing. If you haven't seen a picture of yourself yet, let me know and I'll see if I can find you somewhere in my album!
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Have any of you ever volunteered for a convention before? How was it? I'm volunteering for an anime convention here in a few weeks and I just wanted to see what experiences you guys had.
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Who's going to this in a month?
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Hi I'm gonna be dumping some of the pictures taken at the panel.
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What was the movie Moot mentioned during the panel I don't want to watch the whole thing again. I forget what it was.
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This past weekend, I fucked a cosplay girl that I met at midoricon. She has been posting on tumblr as if we're a thing because we took an Instagram pic together. Sirene's now my side bitch.
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New York Comic Con is in two, yes count 'em, TWO weeks.

Are you going?

Everything looks p. shitty this year.
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