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So, uh.
Who's going to Furfright this month?
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this shit is getting out of hand

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>Also I started a blog
He could at least use a blog service where people can post anonymously comments. Not fucking tumblr.

anyone has a tldr version of this shit ?
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I have read that some EDM enthusiasts are combining their interest in music with steam punk.

Anyone else find this unwanted? We don't need druggies giving cons a worse name than it already has.
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Jesus christ this is disgusting. I'm absolutely sick in my fucking stomick. Jesus fuck.

Fuck all of you 4chan go die in a fire you tumblr degenerates.

I'm gone here go fuck yourself you fucking fuckfaces
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Let me get a get
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Actual con thread.

Does anyone have youtube links to the two animations that were shown at the 4chan panel?

Also does anyone know that name of the song in the second animation (the won with Yotsuba I think her name is)?
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