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Re-opening board in case the need arises.

This board is for anything related to suggestions, support, possibly requests and related.

Post threads or replies about any problems you find with the functionality of this archive, preferably with a link or a screenshot where the issue occurred.

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Search function failed to find threads after Sep 17

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Try searching for posts that contain anything, it failed to retrieve any threads posted after Sep 17

Threads not loading fully on /vt/

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Looks like threads are not loading fully on /vt/, dunno if it's also happening on other boards, but figured I'd ask here if it's a known issue.

Download button

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Will the download button be fixed?
I can't use the button on images that are either way old or after a week it's been previously posted.
It keeps giving me "failed server problem" and shit.

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New here. Was looking browsing /vp/ via the nyafuu archive, but when I try to search something in the archive (via the search bar, it keeps giving me an error: The search backend is currently unavailable. Apologies if this is a problem that is already acknowledged and being worked upon.

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hai is wget not working anymore? i tried to download some images from threads using wget but it isn't working. it did work before
here's the command i'm trying to use:
wget -P /media/pics/random/scrapper/nsfw -nd -r -H -D archive-media-0.nyafuu.org,archive-media-1.nyafuu.org,archive-media-2.nyafuu.org -A png,gif,jpg,jpeg,webm -R "*s.*" $link

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I miss /meta/.
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