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searches are not updating even though the archives are

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Question, would it be possible to configure FoolFuuka to be able to more thoroughly search through IDs? Right now, searching for a specific string only returns results if the exact string is found proceeding or following a symbol.
I apologise for bothering you about this, VoH.

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Is it possible to search this but with an exclusion filter? Lets say i want to search the phrase "my wife chino" but i want to exclude the phrase "is so cute" from my search results. Is this possible?

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The Midnight theme is broken

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New thumbnails aren't being saved because of a change on 4chan (t.4cdn.org is being retired).

You'll need to update asagi to use i.4cdn.org instead.

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Hey VoH, the 'Download thread' feature requires users to solve captcha but it's no longer functional since v1 reCAPTCHA has been retired.
If you're busy then I can understand, just desired to let you know.

Concerned Anon

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Hey VoH, mind if I enquire about how large the nyafuu archive is?