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Artists of ALL experience levels are welcome.
I'm serious. That includes you. Yeah you. The guy/girl who's never picked up a pencil before in his/her life. You're not only welcome but encouraged to post here.

You know the rules:
1. Include full names and what series your characters are from
2. KEEP the request SIMPLE
3. Compile multiple images into one or link to a gallery for additional references
4. Try not to bump requests
5. REQUEST drawings ONLY; this is NOT your personal deviantART page.
6. Do not hijack requests.
7. PLEASE request only one DRAWING at a time
8. No shitposting
9. Keep it /e/
10. If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
11. Have fun
Also, please post deliveries just in case a requester misses a delivery in http://ecchisketch.booru.org/

Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky:
>>>/ic/1579290 #

Drawing Books:
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Chubby Thread

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Ecchi Thighs Thread

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CYOA /e/ general #8. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread :>>2235213

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):

Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw
Part 6: hf1Jh2Tb
Part 7: geyzvB0Y
Part 8: C45GXVqu
Part 9: Qdrupf9K

WARNING: This story is very long. Catching up takes a while.

There's over a hundred characters. List of them here: UH3mdyNS

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game is being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power. As the price for her silence, the protagonist is given a potion that gives her superhuman agility and senses, but turned her into a cat-girl.
A Yandere has appeared; the clothes are lacking and the ritual is upon us. Join us in a populated world in which your actions have future consequences in an /e/ centered adventure longer than most novels in which the first saga is nearing its climax!
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Fap to the image below

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Add instructions if you want
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Fire Emblem Thread
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Thighs/Thighhighs: Thighway to Hell

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It's my way or the Thighway
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This cake is sick.
Do something to cheer her up!
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